Driving Engagement with Communications

“Effective communication between management and employees creates greater employee engagement, and that communication is a leading indicator of organizational financial performance.” (Source: Workplace Mental Health)

I recently attended a Chamber of Commerce event because employee engagement was the topic. I’m always looking for new ideas Engaged workplacethat can be shared with my clients for retaining top talent. It was no surprise that the presenters agreed that many companies these days overlook the value of involving their staff in these decisions.

Companies on the cutting edge of driving engagement are starting to take a 360-degree view that includes the employees’ lives at work and beyond work. This way, benefits and activities are targeted toward fostering collaboration, adding fun and respecting how much time is spent on work. Some organizations have created culture committees comprised of diverse employees dedicated to proposing ideas that create value in a meaningful way while remaining within the company’s budget. The concept of “by the people, for the people” keeps each organization unique as well as committed to remaining current.

Some ideas shared by Trip Advisor, Chapman Construction and Social Made Simple panelists included:

  • Wellness services on and off site
  • Shuttle service from public transportation (one even includes spin bikes!)
  • Quarterly family outings
  • Buddy systems with new and seasoned employees
  • Playing fun music in the stairways for health and collaboration
  • Affinity groups to form connections
  • Community service days
  • “Hall pass” to leave at noon on any day as a recognition/reward
  • Lunches fostering cross-functional collaboration
  • Dog-friendly environment

Remember that motivators go beyond financial incentives. Utilizing communications about initiatives underway and why they were selected improves involvement. The ultimate gain are loyal and connected employees.

What might you try to improve your company’s engagement strategies? How has communications helped? 

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Karen Gobler
Karen Gobler is a change management communications expert skilled in designing and driving communication campaigns that maintain employee morale and productivity, which often decline during transition. She brings a depth of leadership experience from multiple industries, including managing successful communications through six mergers and acquisitions, numerous executive changes, brand rollouts and product launches. Karen has transformed employee engagement pre- and post-change with campaign development, situational planning and contingency strategies.