4 Benefits of Workplace Diversity

“The benefits of building a workforce of diverse people who are empowered to positively contribute to a company’s success are numerous – from better financial performance and more innovative problem-solving to easier employee retention and greater appeal to customers.” (Source: Talent Intelligence)

Expanding upon a prior blog about Promoting Diversity of Perspective, it’s important to define “diversity” as incorporating individual and organizational differences that include characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds and behaviors. There are a myriad of benefits that come from tapping into the skills of a varied workforce. Here are the top 4 to incorporate:

  1. Innovation. A homogeneous workplace doesn’t yield innovation. “People with different lifestyles and different backgrounds challenge each other more.“4 Doing things the same way you’ve always done it, with the same type of people, will not bring your company to the next level.shutterstock_300720026
  1. Broader Range of Services. Companies with diverse skills, services, experiences and staff are more likely to attract a diverse customer base. By understanding the nuances of your clients (language, customs, preferences), you’re more likely to create a connection that will yield a deeper relationship.
  1. Improved Employee Performance. “Employees are more likely to feel comfortable and happy in an environment where inclusivity is a priority.”3 It is well known that happier employees are more productive, which fuels an organizations’ growth. Deep engagement is measured by the discretionary effort employees put forth when they feel connected to the culture.
  1. Increased Talent Pool. Without a mixture of employees representing your organization, you are unlikely to attract like kinds. In addition, prospects may not know about or feel uncomfortable working for a homogeneous company. Remember that employees often are your best source of qualified referrals.

These are just some of the benefits of workplace diversity. The companies that recognize its importance are the companies that are growing and excelling in the marketplace.



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