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Vital Link converts strategies into messages that employees can understand and adopt easily.


  • Change is going to happen. You can manage it or get managed by it. Nothing is static.
  • Commitment, pride and trust in a company or management team is earned. It is fueled by two-way, transparent communications.
  • One-time messages are not retained. Reinforcement is critical. It’s important to initiate a strategy that utilizes a variety of mediums, tones and voices — and to test your messages for reception before making them public.
  • Engagement + Energy + Motivation = Productivity.
    Employee communications fosters productivity.

Since many corporate communications and human resources departments are understaffed, developing strategic programs and maintaining frequent communications with employees can get overlooked. At Vital Link, we not only remain current on industry best practices, but also have the passion for delivering targeted and frequent communications that foster employee engagement even during uncertain times.